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7 Bays Tour

Get to know and enjoy one of the greatest attractions of Huatulco, its famous bays, which are part of the Huatulco National Park, a protected natural area. On this guided tour that includes round-trip transportation from all hotels in Huatulco, you will have the opportunity to see seven of the beautiful bays of this destination from the sea.

You will leave on a boat from the Santa Cruz Bay marina, where you can see the beaches of Yerbabuena and La Entrega. Afterwards you will be able to appreciate and enjoy virgin beaches, Organo Bay. During this journey you will be able to observe the natural wonders of the area and listen to the ocean in La Bufadora, a rock cave that expels seawater more than 10 meters high, offering a great natural spectacle.

You will also be impressed with the Stone Face or Mixteco Face, a gigantic rock that has taken on that shape over time. From here you will continue the route and observe the heart-shaped Cacaluta bays, Chachacual and San Agustín, which has the largest coral bank in the destination.

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Enjoy the paradisiacal bays of Huatulco in our family hotel right on the beach. With a beautiful ocean view from all our rooms and surrounded by green areas, relax with the sound of ocean waves and beautiful sunsets. We are located within the hotel zone of Huatulco, 3 minutes from Bahía Tangolunda, 5 minutes from the cruise ship dock and the city center and 20 minutes from the Huatulco bays airport.