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Huatulco National Park

To explore the area, you have a wide range of activities to choose from: boat rides, snorkeling in the reef, bird watching, hiking and biking or horseback riding in the wetlands. If you go between the months of June to November, witness the spawning of sea turtles. While, from October to April, you can see the passage of humpback whales. The best way to visit it is by hiring a certified guide, the park has a cooperative that counts the permits and authorizations for the activities allowed within the area.

Another thing to do in the Huatulco National Park is to visit the Bocana del Río Copalita archaeological zone. Its two temples and ball courts confirm that it was used as a ceremonial center by the Zapotec and Mazatec cultures. During the excavation work, two tombs associated with the ruling elite were found.

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Enjoy the paradisiacal bays of Huatulco in our family hotel right on the beach. With a beautiful ocean view from all our rooms and surrounded by green areas, relax with the sound of ocean waves and beautiful sunsets. We are located within the hotel zone of Huatulco, 3 minutes from Bahía Tangolunda, 5 minutes from the cruise ship dock and the city center and 20 minutes from the Huatulco bays airport.